Server Link:-
Test id:-

team name – enoughdollars
user name – enough30

Working Time: 5.00pm to 10.00am (GMT+6)
But Server speed:- 11pm to 7 am(GMT+6)

Payment: Work -> per 1000 entry = 65/- in Bangladeshi Taka.

Internationally 1k=$1

Try to do more than 2,000 correct entries per a day

2000 Entry Must be correct daily.

The most important thing U have to remember that I won’t pay any bills If anyone fail to do less than 23,000 entries per 15 days.

1. Use Multi Browsers(3-5) in one id.
2. Server speed:- 11pm to 7am(GMT+6).
3. No spaces between Two words & No special characters.

NOTE : Work properly by following my rules or leave your Id by informing me. There is no space for weak workers in my team. Be more serious, do your job as a job and honor your duty.